Meet Sam norman creator and leader of family healer:

Every healer has their own healing journey:



My name is Sam Norman. I created Family Healer in the winter of 2017 after the birth of my daughter and a deep desire to raise her with the habits that have healed me. I had a lifetime of allergies, asthma, auto-immune dysfunction since early childhood. I was frequently on steroids and antibiotics during childhood. I was also in and out of the emergency room and doctors clinics regularly as a child. This lead me to an interest in medicine and I became an RN in 2001 focusing my career in pediatrics and kidney dialysis. In 2009 my health began to get worse despite seeing specialists and taking a myriad of medications to treat my symptoms. In 2011 I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. I knew something had to change and I felt confident that I needed to find out what it was that could heal me.  Through these challenging years my frustration grew as a patient that no one seemed to be looking at the whole picture or me as a human. Instead, I was another "interesting case". I began to look everywhere for answers. It started with turning to a naturopath 2011 with my cancer diagnosis that I was introduced to natural healing remedies. In 2013 I began to study Ayurveda at Spirit Path Ayurveda School in Anchorage, Alaska. During my studies I learned that the answers to my wellness were deep inside of me. As I worked and studied Ayur (self) Veda (knowledge) I began to see how disconnected from self and nature I had become. I am proud to say that since focusing on my wellness and becoming my own healer I am cancer, asthma, and auto-immune dysfunction free! I'm confident that no matter what state of health you are in now I can help you to start listening deeply and living in better balance with you. I'm confident that if you are willing to make a commitment to change you can become your own healer too. In creating our own healing journey we learn to become healers for ourselves and our family's.