are you a good fit for family healer?


YOU are on a life long Journey oriented to thrive

You recognize that results don't happen over night. You are not looking for a quick fix either. You are ready to orient your life to a place of thrive, longevity, and wellness. You know this a choice you make everyday. 


You welcome practical tools and skills that encourage easeful living

You know that there is more than one way to do things. You know that new and improved ideas of refinement and flow are always on the horizon. You are willing to try new things and figure out what works best for you and your family. Life is one big expirament!



your ambition is lurking beneath the surface ready to be ignited

There have been times in the past where you doubted yourself or there was a reason why you have refined your day to day habits and oriented to thrive and wellness. You are in a place where you feel on a very deep level that a shift is in order. You can feel it but you might not be sure where to start.





you resonate with ancient wisdom traditions like yoga and ayurveda

You have practiced or witnessed the changes in another who practice yoga and or ayurveda. You resonate with the idea that all beings deserve to be well and experience balance and ease. You understand that humans don't have an exemption from the laws of nature.


you believe in the power of group effort and would like to help others evolve

You recognize making changes is difficult. Especially when you feel like you are doing it all alone. On the flip side you have also experienced the power of the group whether it was in a yoga class, teacher training, a childhood sports team, or in some other classroom or group. 


you appreciate the value of mentors, guides, gurus, teachers, and coaches

You have encountered someone in the past who shared ideas with you that changed your life. Someone who was invested in you and cared about your progress.


you prioritize connectivity

You recognize the need to tap into something deeper than the superficial. You appreciate when someone listens to your words deeply and offer the same in return whether it's in person or virtual. You value your relationships with others. 




You crave dynamic dialogue and evolutionary friendships and relationships

You see that all beings and nature are in a perpetual state of change. You see change as an opportunity for growth. You like to get lost in conversation. You like to practice new ways of communicating in a non-judging  atmosphere.


you aspire to deepen your integrity

There are daily habits you have that you know could improve. You are ready to step deeper into integrity with making changing to those habits. You recognize you play a part in each of your relationships and you are ready to step deeper into integrity in how you want to show up and how others want you to show up for them.  


your number one hope is to cultivate planetary evolution for us and our future generations

  • you are concerned about the welfare of our planet for future generations
  • you'd like to see a collective shift in how society takes care of themselves and others
  • you believe you can make a difference

does this sounds like you? are curious about making a shift? let's have a conversation about your deeper wellness desires