Become your own healer with the aid of an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.

Our bodies are intelligent and hold an innate wisdom of what it needs; deep down we know what is good for us, and what doesn’t serve us so well. To find balance we just have to tune in and listen!  Sam Norman and Jule Harle have been studying Ayurveda through Spirit Path’s Yoga and Wellness Center in Anchorage, AK since January 2014.  We are currently health counselor interns (working under supervision from more experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners) looking for people to share Ayurveda with!

We are currently accepting new patients and offering Ayurvedic Consultations.

What’s an Ayurvedic Consultation and who can benefit?

An Ayurvedic consultation can help you figure out your individual constitution (Prakruti) and what dosha(s) are your most dominant.  The initial consultation is 2 hours; this is where we examine your physical characteristics and dive deep into your physical, mental and emotional tendencies.  We work to educate the patient about Ayurveda and begin implementing lifestyle changes that support their doshas and correct mental and digestive imbalances.

About a week after the initial consultation you receive a 1-hour report of findings where we discuss your Prakruti (balanced state of health) and continue treatment recommendations to help you make steps towards wellness.  After the report of findings we continue to meet on a regular basis with follow up visits where the practitioner provides in depth education on Ayurvedic lifestyle choices that support your doshas/imbalances.


     2 hour Initial Consultation

     1 hour Report of Findings

      1 hour Follow Up Visit

Anyone can benefit from learning and incorporating Ayurveda into their lives.  It is suitable for all ages, backgrounds, and levels of well-being.