Become your own healer

Where we are at:

Chronic illness and auto immune dysfunction are at record highs despite the advances of modern medicine. As a world we are more connected electronically than ever before but, the disconnection and isolation from each other is so profound it is effecting the way our world functions and how our children develop. We have devices and tools to streamline our day and convenience foods to eat but we are more overwhelmed, stressed out, and over weight globally than ever before. 

What can we do?

Think globally and act locally. If we want to see a shift in how the world functions we have to change our habits at home. We have to focus on the next generation and teaching them how to learn from our mistakes of getting disconnected from nature's rhythms. The best way to teach is by example. If habits are done in the home daily that connect us to daily rhythms of time, and we live in awareness of the seasons our families will learn this too. If your children are grown or you don't have any of your own you call still cultivate change at home. Whether it is your partner, roommate, or neighbor. We will all benefit from more stewards of wellness or family healers in our communities.

How can you do it?


Family Healer's 10 sacred body habits:


Eat earlier, lighter dinners. Go to bed early. Start the day right. Breathe Body Practices.  Seasonal Eating. Meditation. Healthier Eating Guidelines. Self-Massage. Sense Organ Care. Easeful Living. 







What should you expect and what will you get?

Connecting weekly virtually for calls. Access to the habit training library. Resources to thrive. Weight loss. Better sleep habits. Improved immune strength. Better flow at home. Balanced energy. Stronger connection to self. Move more often and feel better. Improve your life outlook. Enhance listening skills and practice non-violent communication techniques.


The Season and the Reason

Spring/Water/Detox/Letting Go. Starts March 7th 2018 Summer/Fire/Immune Function/ Calming The Inner Critic/ Avoiding burn-out. Starts June 24th 2018 Fall&Winter/Air&Wind/Fall Rejuvenation/Hormonal Balance/Tending to Your Inner Fire/ Thriving in Dark Winter. Starts late October 29th 2018.