tarot readings with jena telmadge

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About Jena

Jena began her Healing Arts career 11 years ago. She has studied and practiced as a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Tarot Reader. She has apprenticed with masterful healers, shamans, tarot readers and psychics. She is a devote student of all things wellness, tarot and healing. After a decade of unpacking her own trauma through these mediums she now guides others on their own paths of healing and sovereignty.  She is passionate about the Tarot as a tool to guide others home to themselves and live a more mindful life. She integrates her knowledge and experience of other modalities into her Tarot Readings offering practical tips to take home as you navigate your unique path.

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About Tarot

A Tarot Reading is a deep channeling journey through the lens of the Tarot. These sessions are intended to provide clarity, direction and a widened perception of your experience. We will peel back the layers of conditioning to the root of what you seek. Readings are a way to bring you home to your own truth. The Tarot acts as a mirror and a road map to your soul. Jena has an organic and intuitive approach to her readings. She does not do predictive reading. Her readings are intuitively guided with an intention to bring you into deeper awareness of your own patterns. You may leave with a new sense of clarity and insight to the possible paths you may take. The Tarot is seeped in symbol and archetypes of which we all know. It mirrors to us the totality of the human experience. Receiving a reading allows you to step back and see the truth of your experience with insight as to what may lie ahead. The Tarot is for everyone. Whether you have a situation you'd like support in or you are simply curious you are welcomed.


Reading price 60 minutes $85