class descriptions:

 Yoga 1: A solid foundation is needed to build any structure. The same goes for the soil before anything will grow. This all levels class is very welcoming to those who are curious about yoga but are unsure of alignments principles of postures and are not familiar with breath work. It is also good for the regular practitioner who craves to know more about the specifics of a posture and what effects it has to the body (perfect to help you develop your home practice). When a solid foundation is constructed you will find growing stability and from there the sky is the limit on how far you will grow! This class is a broad format taught by many teachers with the intention of sharing basic yoga knowledge. There is 5000 years of knowledge out there to be shared. Come and experience yoga: the practice of balance and connection through breath and movement and stillness.

Yoga for Posture and Alignment: This class is based on the idea that the health of spine is the basis for whole body health. Each class will follow a similar sequencing that has been developed specifically to strengthen and lengthen the spine. Along with spinal support, we will work at tacitly teaching our body to maintain proper posture through each pose and carrying that knowledge into our day-to-day movements. This class will help you deepen the understanding of your body’s movement, bring connection to mind, body and breath, and support your journey toward your highest self.

Pilates:  Pilates is a series of rhythmic movements that utilize strength, flexibility and concentration to create balanced development throughout the body. Created by Joseph Pilates, the series was originally called “contrology,” referring to control of movement, breath and focus during the exercises. The benefits of a regular Pilates practice are numerous: increased strength and flexibility, improved posture, injury prevention and a general sense of well-being. Studio One Pilates will offer special workshops through November. 

Forrest Inspired Yoga: This class will be infused with the Four Pillars of Forrest Yoga which are breath, strength, integrity and spirit. We will warm up with breath work and stretches, move into a core sequence, and then weave in standing postures, balancing and movement, and finally, warm down with deeper stretches. Since this class will be taught later in the day, I’ll also focus on certain postures that promote a calm mind and a relaxed body. All levels class, from novice to practicing yogi. Hope to see you there!

Dynamic Restorative: A gentle yoga practice focussing on returning vitality to the mind, body and spirit with postures, meditation and breath. The restorative principles of the practice are derived from yoga therapy, myofascial release and Ayurveda (yoga’s sister healing science). Regain range of motion, decrease pain and cultivate peace within your body when you come to this class.

All Levels Yoga: One of the greatest blessings of teaching and practicing in a small community studio like we have at the Yoga Shack is most classes can be catered to the individual needs of the people who show up to class. Our average class size is 5 people. This gives your teacher a huge opportunity to arrive to class with a solid blue print theme for class but tweak it to meet the needs of everyone in the room. Larger studios simply can not provide the individualized attention to alignment, injury recovery and prevention, and over all well being of the students when class sizes are too large. Expect your teacher to ask if their are any limitations, injuries, or requests for specific movements or postures prior to class starting. We promise to offer ample modifications to stay safe and motivated to keep practicing if you are just starting your journey on the mat.

Buti Yoga: (Buti is on hold until December. please check back for updates.) Expect to sweat as we move and breathe to heart pounding rhythms and beats. Buti yoga is a mixture of african tribal dance and vinyasa power yoga. Buti Yoga workouts transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic yoga practice. Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt + tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. Instead of linear movements, Buti favors movements that challenge the body along all planes of motion - THE RESULT - long, lean muscles. Buti Yoga isn’t a workout - it’s a chance to create - let go - connect - and sweat with intention. Every time you step on your mat, you have a chance to break through the emotional or physical barriers that can set you free. It isn’t going to be easy. Don’t overthink it - just trust that if your curious you should come to class.

Yin Deep Stretch: We live in a world where we are constantly going. Our minds are trained to think about the future and the past, to have several projects going on at once, and to prioritize tasks above our selves. The pace of modern culture becomes our pace in our yoga practice. Sometimes, it can be more difficult to sit still in one position, quiet our thoughts, and focus only on the breath than it is to push ourselves physically; climbing a mountain or running. Yin is a direct contradiction to this way of life. It restores the body and, most importantly, teaches us patience, peace of mind, resilience, and a mastery over the self as we go through the motions of our daily routine. Mindfulness becomes a constant flowing part of our lives thus creating stillness during our every day routine. A yin class starts with a basic warm up and an introduction and reflection on our state of breath. It then leads into a series of meditative, deep stretching poses. As opposed to the rhythm of one breath, one movement of my other classes, a yin class will consist of a handful of poses for several minutes at a time.  This teaches us to create this stillness mentally, to scan the body, and to learn how each part of our physical, mental, and spiritual body reacts to different postures. Yin is a beautiful compliment to the entirety of our yoga practice because we become deeply acquainted with the postures we use when we are in a state of constant flow. We can come into a yin class and reflect on how our practices evolves over time, how the physical activities and the stress we hold in our physical bodies outside of the studio changes us day to day and week to week. We can crate gratitude here for the work we have done for our bodies in our other classes. Use yin to practice mindfulness for how you carry your bodies when you are moving it and how you master your mind when living in it.

Yoga Baby Yoga Momma: This class is for moms and their babies (under 12months). Pregnancy and the first year of motherhood creates a lot of changes and challenges to moms. After baby arrives mom spends a lot of her time with baby but often times longs to bond with others and have time for self care. This class is a time for both of those needs to be met. Weekly we will gather to share, bond, and move with other sisters from our community and our infants. Gentle stretching and strengthening, breathe work, self-myofacial release will be the foundations for the moves. Babies get to bond with moms during our strengthening exercises and mom's will learn the power of infant massage for their babies. Mom's be sure to bring a blanket for your baby to lay on during their massage time. Yoga Momma Yoga Baby is on hold for now. Please email us if you'd like to see this class added to the schedule.