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honoring our ancestors: An Ayurvedic experience

September 15th and 16th

lead by Sam norman Rn, cyt, Ahc, yhc

$150 for the entire weekend (girdwood locals receive $20 discount)

We are intrinsically connected to our ancestors. A seasonal honoring of where you came from can help you be more present to your here and now. This weekend is an Ayurvedic experience. There will be gentle yoga, meditation, guided journaling, education, and ritual. We start Saturday afternoon with a yoga and guided meditation. We take time for journaling and then dive deep into the Ayurvedic teachings of vata season and the ritual of Tarpana. Sunday we will gather, practice yoga, and prepare and perform our ancestral Tarpana ritual. Contact Sam directly yourfamilyhealer@gmail.com to register. 

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Become your own Healer

every family needs one

12 week courses lead by Sam Norman RN, CYT, AHC, YHC

Start Dates for 2018 in march june and october

In the past every family or tribe had a healer. A medicine women or man who families turned to when illness occurred. Someone deeply connected to their local ecosystem who was educated with healing wisdom. One hundred years ago doctors were called upon when the family recipes of healing did not work as the first line of defense. As a culture we have lost that connection to nature and it's healing abilities. One of the best ways to fortify our immune system and have a life of balance and flow is to rekindle or deepen your relationship with natures rhythms. Learn how to develop healthy circadian rhythms, eat seasonally, and identify the key body balancing principles for the season. This is a virtual course and much of the content is do at your own pace material. We gather weekly for online meetings and you have the opportunity for bi-monthly one on one conversations deepening your own specific interests or challenges. 






R.o.o.t.s. Members remember you get 10% off workshops. For more information contact the studio or signup the next time you come to class.