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Dream interpretations

Wednesday, February 13th 7:00-8:30PM

Wednesday, February 27th 7:00-8:30PM

With Jackie Lea

Donation class for ages 18 and older

This is a fun way to dive into your creative side and learn more about what your subconscious is revealing.

We will discuss helpful hints for interpretations, tips for remembering your dreams and how to connect with your angels,

guides and spirit animals. We will also do a short guided dream journey too!

Come on out and join the wonderland of adventure with us!

Please arrive early….door will be locked at 7:05pm

Moon circles

With Jenny leake and TUnde Breg

Recommended donation $10 - $20



Moon Circles are bi-weekly workshops that help to create and foster community around the natural rhythms of our world.  We gather to tap into the cycles of the moon and the powerful energy each cycle creates.  Working with intentions and manifestations, we reach out to our higher self to help guide us toward our most fulfilling, joyful life.  These workshops will include astrological information on the specific moon cycle, a moon-inspired yoga flow, a guided meditation, and a chance to journal and share. Please come prepared 5-10 minutes before 7pm with your yoga mat, a journal and writing utensil, and any other manifestation tool you connect to.  Doors will be closed at 7:05 or when studio is at full capacity, whichever happens first. Namaste! 

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balance yourself

With leigh lubin

Play with your yoga practice to discover what balances you.

This unique series is 3 distinct classes that can be taken separately or together. We explore the same exact asana sequence with different cueing and foci for each of the ayurvedic doshas*. You will monitor the energetic and physical results of each practice with simple introspective exercises and:

Discover more about your constitution.

Learn how to match your yoga practice to your doshas, moods, and energy levels.

Gain tools to help you thrive through change.

Classes are taught to be sustainable and accessible for all levels.

*Ayurvedic doshas are the qualities that make up each of our constitutions.

Friday, March 8th

6:30-8:00 pm

Vata cooling practice and introduction to doshas.

Saturday, March 9th

12:30-1:45 pm

Kapha cooling practice.

4:00-5:30 pm

Pitta cooling practice and connection.

$45 before – March 1st – $50 after

$20 drop-in